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Bluetooth Devices Articles

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Bluetooth Devices Articles

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The Future Of Bluetooth

Because it meets the basic needs of connectivity in close range, Bluetooth has a very bright future ahead of it. Bluetooth is actually the result of initiatives from nine leading communications and computer industry giants, including 3-COM, Sony,Lucent, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, etc.Read the Full Article...

Using Bluetooth

The amazing technology of Bluetooth presents a great way of exchanging data between two wireless devices.Unlike telephones, there are no wires or messy leads to worry about. You can enjoy wireless communications with short distances of up to thirty feet. Read the Full Article...

Bluetooth Applications

With Bluetooth being very popular with wireless, it's no wonder there are many applications available for the technology. Below, you'll find the applications for Bluetooth.Read the Full Article...

Bluetooth Basics

The technology of Bluetooth wireless is a short range communications method intended to replace the cables that connect portable or fixed devices while maintaining the highest levels of security.Read the Full Article...

Bluetooth Definition

Creating a good wireless headset for Bluetooth is actually difficult to do. The regular wired headsets are easy to design - with ranging styles.Read the Full Article...


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